Tax Preparation & Filing

Transkeep Bookkeeping has a tax preparation and filing service for our clients to ensure the benefit. The whole process needs proper planning throughout the year. We offer our clients the perfect solution to tax preparation and filing easily with easy returns. Tax management is an encounter to business, the appropriate solution can offer the best benefit from it.

We offer the appropriate guidance to our clients with their required payable tax and deadlines. We file the taxes including income tax, value-added tax, percentage tax, etc. We have various types of tax services. Our clients are quite satisfied with our professionalism and accuracy of work. We have the monthly quarterly and yearly tax filing services.

We provide certain monthly tax filing services including-

  • BIR Form 1601ECis for monthly remittance return of income tax.
  • BIR Form 1601E is for monthly remittance return of expanded income tax.
  • BIR Form 2551M is for monthly percentage tax return
  • BIR Form 2550M is for the VAT statement.

The quarterly tax filing services by arranging several BIR forms like- 1701Q for income tax returns of self-employed individuals, 1702Q for income tax return of corporate partnership business, 2550Q for VAT tax return.

We also arrange the annual tax preparation and complete the tax filing within the deadlines. Several BIR forms including 1700 form is for individual annual return, 1701 is for individual self-employed tax return, 1702 is for partnership business owners, 1604CF is for returning the final income tax and lastly, 1604E is for credible income tax return.

All this process we do by following, analyzing and cross-checked all the official records.

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