Payroll & Employees Benefit Compliance

Transkeep Bookkeeping has efficient payroll processing for employees which ensures to view their salary slip. There are a number of rules and regulations created by the government which needs to maintain a standard payroll for every section of a business or company. We know that the sensible payroll is very essential to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship between the employer and the employee.

We provide an accurate payroll system with a regular salary and bonuses for the benefit of both the employer and the employee. Our company has a standard payroll outsourcing includes-

  • We keep a record of basic salary list.
  • We keep a record of different extra payment matters like overtime, leave days, night shifts, holiday payments, etc.
  • We always the record of employee leaves with the available balance.
  • We keep a record of annual tax, final tax, benefits tax.
  • We also keep a record of loans and other employee deductions.
  • Preparation of different government forms on a proper scheduled period.

The full process of the payroll settlement we follow some distinct steps minutely to complete our work efficiently.

  • First, we gather the work details of the employees with their inside and outside work schedule and payroll related documents which include, newly recruited employees, terminated employees, new sanctioned loans and salary adjustments, etc.
  • Then the review and checking process goes on to confirm the data.
  • The next step is to collect the latest earnings and deductions of the company.
  • After the completion of the review process it the time to make reports of the full details and send it to the clients.

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