Financial planning/ Life and Non-life insurance

Transkeep Bookkeeping has an amazing service for financial planning for life and non-life insurance. We give priority to satisfy our clients by decreasing a load of other matters apart from the main business dealings. A successful business needs proper financial planning including life and non-life insurance, from where the business owners can get the assurance of asset security and also increase the chance of earning stable returns after maturity.

Insurance has a different category. The life insurance service includes term life insurance, endowment plans, money-back policies, retirement funds, etc. The non-life insurance service includes motor insurance, asset insurance, home security insurance, business security, fire and lightning, flood and natural causes, surety bond, fidelity guarantee, bond, gasoline business insurance package, shipping lines and cargo insurance, travel insurance for both local and across the world. We have long and short term insurance services, which are truly beneficial for the clients.

Perfect financial planning is needed for steady business growth. Our insurance services ensure ultimate security for life and non-life assets. Our insurance services give stability to the business in many ways. However, the gift of insurance to the business is the requirement of risk sharing, risk transference capabilities, and loss avoidance steps, which are the major elements of developing a business.

We mention all the details while setting suitable insurance to our clients. Our insurance service assures –

  • The meaning and coverage of the insurance plan.
  • The purpose of the insurance.
  • Terms of the insurance and return policy.
  • The exact interest of the plan.
  • The process of claiming the insurance return.

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